Aug. 1st, 2012

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I didn't want to do this, but the truth is I'm in a serious bind. Due to a Series of Unfortunate Events™ I am in a serious amount of financial trouble. I'm going to preface this by saying a lot of my old debt was my own fault, totally and utterly. However some of this is due to circumstances. I admit my mistakes and have learned from them the hard way.

There was a move, a car accident, and a surgery (the two are not related). I borrowed a lot of money for the last two from my Mother Unit and her Husband. The only way I can make my life better, or close to it, is to finish my degree and move on.

The problem begins with my old student loan company (AES-PHEAA). I defaulted for the above reasons and now I am having issues getting any financial aid, both federal and private. I am in a repayment programme and am making good on this debt slowly. In the meantime I have been turned down for eight student loans, two personal ones, and three with my father acting as a co-signer.

Edit to add: I have also applied for numerous grants and scholarships. My resposes from these have all been either silence or form letters saying "Thank you, but no."

Because of the money I owe my Mother Unit and her Husband I simply cannot ask them for any more help than I have. I also had a setback due to a tyre on my car that blew out and a subsequential tetanus shot from the tyre's metal cutting my leg.

Realistically in order to pay off my old student loans free and clear will be $7,000 - this includes all fees, penalties, interests, &c. - (US), but with my classes starting on the 22nd I need at least $1,600 by the 6th of August to assure my place in class and will be more than grateful for that.

I don't like asking for help like this, but I can no longer afford to be prideful. So if the Internet can lend a fangirl a hand it would help. It may take years but I promise to pay back everything that anyone loans me. Payments may either in money, fanfiction, original writing, or really bizarre stories from my childhood. You get to pick!

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