May. 5th, 2010

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1. I would re-live every rainspeckled midnight second in your sweater if I could.....knowing I can't have that with you, or anyone else for that matter, again.....breaks my heart.

2. I wish you knew what I gave up for you.

3. I have a crush on you. But I know you will overlook me, so I stay silent and wish you happiness.

4. I wish you would stop making me feel like I'm not important to you. It hurts more than I let you believe.

5. You saved my life and you will never know it.

6. I'm not sorry for having been honest. I meant what I said. I'm glad you seem to have taken my advice. The world needs you.

7. You disgust me. If I ever happen to see you again, I will find a way to hurt you. Mark my words.

8. Nemesis has my'll find that out very soon.

9. I still wish I didn't have to give up on you.

10. Have I ever said I loved you in a way that you believed it? I feel like I never have.

.....and I'm too out of it for this. I can't cry any more.

Less than four years and it's over.

Bless you, Time.

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